New Leaf Enterprises, Inc., the parent company of dàmà cannabis products, is Washington State’s cannabis industry leader for delivery of safe and effective cannabis products. Through developing and implementing industry-leading quality and safety methodologies for cannabis production, we were among the first in the state to voluntarily work with local laboratories to help create rigorous quality control standards. Our cultivation techniques, extraction process and quality control initiatives equates to superior products. Every dàmà product is tested to ensure only the highest quality product into the marketplace. dàmà cannabis products are distributed in over 100 medical collectives throughout Washington.

“Leaf of Hope” – Making CBD Available to Children in Need

New Leaf Enterprises’ Leaf of Hope program provides low cost CBD cannabis concentrate to Washington State families who have children suffering with severe forms of epilepsy, autism and cancer. The families currently in the Leaf of Hope program have been recommended to New Leaf by naturopathic doctors to help ease the symptoms of these medical conditions. To learn more about the Leaf of Hope program, click here.

New Leaf CBD Products:

New Leaf Enterprises remains committed to raising the bar within the cannabis industry. We currently manufacture three cannabis products: dàmà oil, vapor, and flower, with the goal of meeting the diverse needs of collectives and their customers.

To learn more about dàmà cannabis products visit: www.damawashington.com 

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