• “When the majority of the population hears the term ‘medical marijuana’ they think of people smoking it. I recently met some senators in Olympia, Washington, and took my son’s CBD from the Leaf of Hope program with me. I asked them if they wanted to see it. I showed them the capsules, the syringe and lab report — and they were amazed. I told them I couldn’t dose my son unless I know what was in the product. If our lawmakers don’t understand medical marijuana how can we expect the general population to get it?”
    Mike Bratton -
  • “At five years old, my daughter, Trystyn, was heavily dosed on pharmaceutical drugs to stop her seizures. She couldn’t learn or walk or talk. She couldn’t go outside at all. She wasn’t learning anything. We met New Leaf in November of 2013 when she was still on the four pharmaceutical medications. We added CBD and she woke up! We met with our neurologist and he was amazed. She knew who he was. It took three weeks to wean her off of one drug. Adding the CBD she turned into a totally different kid, she is aware of people in the room, she has learned her ABCs, colors and numbers.”
    Christine Emineth -
  • “The lack of published medical data on CBD is infuriating. There is no drug interaction information. Nothing is written on how CBD interacts with pharmaceutical drugs treating epilepsy. We feel like we are lucky to have found the right solution for our son, Alex. If the Leaf of Hope program is cut off by the State of Washington, it could kill these kids. Sudden withdrawal off of anti-epilepsy drugs is a horrid thing. We need New Leaf to be able to supply our children for the long term.”
    Ted Hardman -
  • “My parents were dead set against me trying CBD for my daughter, Trystyn. They were so upset when I told them I put her on it. Now they see her and they can’t believe the turn around. My mom travels with me to the Washington State courthouse to tell Trystn’s story and help keep CBD-based cannabis available in the State of Washington.”
    Christine Emineth -
  • “We trust the Dama high CBD concentrate we get from New Leaf. New Leaf provides us with lab tests for each batch of cannabis, clearly showing the levels of CBD and THC. Dosing is very important in order to monitor seizure control — especially while weaning pharmaceuticals. Prior to starting CBD, Stella took two behavior medications (was on a trial with 5 different medications) and was on three seizure medications (she has taken 18 different seizure medications and at one time required five different ones at the same time). Stella has now successfully weaned off of her behavior medications and two of her seizure medications. Her quality of life has improved, her focus, schoolwork, social interactions and behavior has dramatically improved.”
    Amanda Standsfield -
  • “We fight very hard for our children to give them the best life we can. We don’t have other options for our children when it comes to treatment. CBD from the Leaf of Hope program is working for our child. It would be terrible to have to go back to the nightmare that we were living before the CBD treatment. It’s important for people to know that we were all families without hope. Now, hope has been restored. All we ask is that Washington State law makers recognize the importance of medical cannabis and let our children benefit from it for the long term.”
    Teena Welch -
  • “We will not be able to trust a dispensary the same way we rely on the Leaf of Hope program from New Leaf. We are extremely fearful that the State of Washington law makers will put our daughter’s health in jeopardy if it doesn’t allow New Leaf to keep providing us with Dama oil for Stella.”
    Amanda Standsfield -
  • “My hope is that medical cannabis is made available for all parents wanting to try something less invasive with their children. Medical marijuana does not have the potential debilitating  and sometimes deadly side effects like some pharmaceuticals have. It is time that we all understood the benefits of medical marijuana better.” “I feel very blessed and extremely grateful for New Leaf giving us the opportunity to try cannabis for our daughter. I believe it is  healing and has awakened her body and mind — making many new opportunities possible. Her day-to-day experience now has the ability to expand into something more fulfilling and enjoyable. This has been a great journey for her, and my dream is for CBD to keep helping my daughter and be an opportunity for many other children.”
    Misty Rainer -